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Czech ready-made company is an already established company – you can start your business immediately

  • with fully paid capital
  • without accounting transactions
  • for an immediate purchase
  • you can launch your business within 24 hours
Price of czech ready-made companies formed in

ready made s.r.o. (ltd.)

CZK 35,000
ready made a.s. CZK 74,000
ready made SE CZK 89,000
Price of czech ready-made companies formed in
ready made s.r.o. (ltd.) CZK 40,900
ready made SE CZK 99,000
Price of czech ready-made companies formed in

ready made s.r.o.

CZK 46,900
ready made a.s. CZK 84,000
ready made SE CZK 109,000
Price of czech ready-made companies formed in
ready made s.r.o. CZK 51,900
ready made a.s. CZK 94,000
ready made SE CZK 119,000

Information on czech ready-made companies

A READY-MADE (or pre-established) company is a company which has already been registered by the Commercial Court and is intended for sale to another entrepreneur.

The main reason for the existence and creation of so called ready-made companies is the possibility to launch your business immediately, without having to wait for registration and without having to pay the often quite high amount of registered capital. 

A READY-MADE company has no record of commercial activities, has already been registered in the Commercial Register, has a company identification number, zero economic and accounting history and we guarantee that it is 100% debt-free.

Ready made companies thus offer an interesting alternative to establishing a company either using a specialised firm or on your own. 
The greatest advantage of ready-made companies in comparison to a standard way of establishing new companies, which makes this service so popular, is speed and availability.
If you choose the standard way of establishing a company, you may have to wait up to two weeks to launch your business under a new business name and new company ID number, while if you choose to buy an a.s., SE or s.r.o. company offered for sale, it takes you one hour and you can start your business almost immediately. Another important advantage of a purchased ready-made company is that its registered capital has already been paid and the client does not have to deposit the amount of the company's capital.

We constantly have a lot of ready-made companies available which are prepared solely for sale to our clients. We offer a legal guarantee that all of our ready-made companies are sold without previous accounting transactions, without liabilities and debts, and have fully paid registered capital.