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Establishment of turnkey czech company

If you do not want to buy a ready-made company we will be pleased to establish czech turnkey company according to your requirements.

Pricelist of turnkey companies
s.r.o. (limited liability company) CZK 14,700
a.s. (joint stock company) CZK 34,900
SE (European company) cannot be established, only purchased *

* European company – SE can not be established as a turnkey company, must be purchased as a ready-made company, more details here.

The price includes absolutely everything necessary for establishing a company:

What is the difference between the purchase of a ready-made company and establishment of a turnkey company?

If you buy a ready-made company you can start your business immediately upon the transfer of the company because it already has an identification number and moreover, another advantage is that is has its registered capital paid up. In case of a turnkey company you have to deposit the registered capital into the company's account and wait until the company is registered in the Commercial Register, which usually takes 5-10 working days.
The price list of ready made companies is available here


We also offer provision of a business address and mail contact address.